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Wyke Farms Ltd is a family run company based in the heart of the Somerset cheddar-making region.  The art of traditional cheese making will never be lost on the Somerset farm where the Clothier family have been making cheddar in Somerset since 1861.Today, Wyke Farms is one of the largest independent cheese makers and milk processors in the UK producing over 13000 tonnes of cheddar per year to the same award winning 150-year-old recipe.

News Facts

  • Wyke Farms is one of the UK’s largest independent cheese producers and milk processors, producing over 13,000 tonnes of cheddar per year to the same award winning recipe.
  • Wyke Farms has been producing its award-winning cheddar for over a century and has grown to become one of the largest family-owned cheese makers in Britain.
  • The Wyke Farms brand is the 4th largest brand in the Cheddar category and the only independent company in the top 10 cheese brands with retail sales of over £60 million.
  • Wyke remains a truly traditional family business. Ivy’s grandsons Richard and Tom now run the cheese making operations with their father John, whilst her other two Grandsons David and Roger run the family dairy farming operations. The four grandchildren share Ivy’s passion for cheese making where flavour, texture and taste are paramount. They believe that this attention to detail is the reason that their cheese has won more awards at national cheese shows than any other.

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Wyke Farms

24 Sep 2013

Wyke Farms Brings Home the Gold with 43 Awards at The Frome Cheese Show

Somerset-based company takes home 43 accolades at this year’s Frome Cheese Show

– a truly vintage year for Wyke Cheddar

Somerset, UK – 24th September 2013 – Wyke Farms, the UK’s largest independent cheese producer and milk processor, was once again winners for multiple categories at this year’s 2013 Frome Agricultural & Cheese Show, taking home 41 awards and 2 trophies in total. This takes their awards total to 139 so far this year, which surpasses the total number of awards won this time last year.

Wyke Farms was awarded The Roy Swan Salver Trophy for the Best Farmhouse Extra Mature Cheddar. It won Gold for the Best European Cheddar as well as Gold for its Vintage Cheddar and Extra Mature Cheddar and a further 11 Gold awards in other categories (see below) including for its Salted Butter.

In addition, Wyke Farms also received 26 Silver, Bronze, Highly Commended and Very Highly Commended accolades including for Best Somerset Cheddar, Best English Cheddar, Finest Mature Cheddar, Vintage Farmhouse Cheddar and Mature Cheddar.

Wyke Farms has been producing its award-winning cheddar for over a century and has grown to become the largest family-owned cheese maker in Britain selling over 14,000 tonnes annually. The company have achieved substantial growth year on year by staying true to the traditional values behind the brand and have become the fastest growing cheddar brand at a rate of 10% every year for the past five years.

Wyke Farms have 150 years of family farming experience. Wyke Farms’ cheese and butter is made with the milk from their cows grazing the lush pastures of the Mendip Hills in the centre of the Cheddar making region in Somerset.

From an original 3,000 plus, Wyke Farms is now one of less than 20 farmhouse cheese makers remaining in the West Country and the only independent dairy company within the top 10 cheddar brands in the UK.

The Wyke Farms products are available nationwide and can be found in Asda, Co-op, Makro, Sainsbury’s Tesco and Waitrose.

– ends – 

2013 Frome Cheese Show Results for Wyke Farms:


–       The Roy Swan Salver Trophy for the Best Farmhouse Extra Mature Cheddar in Class 705

–       The Ever So Clean Cup for The Best Red Leicester in Class 731


–       750: Best European Cheddar (any age) – Gold

–       705: Farmhouse Extra Mature Cheddar – Gold

–       717: Vintage Cheddar – Gold

–       731: Red Leicester – Gold

–       732: Aged Red Leicester – Gold

–       741: Best English Cheddar – Silver

–       728: Finest Mature Cheddar Award – Silver

–       706: Vintage Farmhouse Cheddar – Silver

–       714: Mature Cheddar – Coloured – Silver

–       Best Somerset Cheddar – Bronze

–       739: Best Somerset Cheddar –Very Highly Commended

–       720: Mature Cheddar – Bronze

–       729: Double Gloucester – Bronze

–       721: Extra Mature Cheddar- Bronze

–       741: Best English Cheddar – Bronze

–       788: Organic Cheddar – Highly Commended

–       788: Organic Cheddar –Very Highly Commended

–       828: Children’s Choice (best cheese as judged by local school children) – Gold

–       829: Celebrity Class (best cheese as judged by celebrity) – Silver

–       853: Creamery Vintage Cheddar: Co-op truly Irresistible Somerset Vintage Cheddar

–       869: Best Smoked Cheese: Asda Chosen By You Somerset Farmhouse Extra Mature Smoked Cheddar

–       827: Householders Choice (best cheese as judged by general public competition winners) – Bronze

–       848: Farmhouse Mature Cheddar: Asda Chosen By You Somerset Farmhouse Mature Cheddar – Bronze

–       853: Creamery extra Mature Cheddar : Asda Chosen By You White Extra Mature Cheddar – Bronze

–       852: Spar Mature Cheddar – Bronze

–       854: Lidl Valley Spire Vintage Cheddar – Bronze

–       852: Lidl: Valley Spire Mature Cheddar – Gold

–       853: Lidl: Valley Spire Extra Mature Cheddar – Gold

–       854: Tesco: Finest English Vintage Cheddar – Gold

–       881: Vintage Cheddar: Godminster Vintage Organic Cheddar – Bronze

–       849: Farmhouse Extra Mature Cheddar: Asda Chosen by You Somerset Farmhouse Extra Mature Cheddar – Gold

–       831: Best Cheese Board – Gold

–       833: Best Wedding Cake from Cheese – Gold

–       Butter

–       841: Butter 25kg salted in presentation box – Gold

–       842: 250g Salted Butter in Packaging – Gold

–       842: 250g Salted Butter in Branded Packaging: Yeo Valley – Silver

–       870: Butter – Salted: Asda Extra Special Somerset Butter – Bronze

–       839: Unsalted Butter – Bronze

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