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About five years ago the Chairman of Wyke Farms, John Clothier, son of Ivy, was told he had high cholesterol and must change his diet. Unbeknown to John, his son Richard set about creating an alternative recipe to replace his everyday favourite, Mature Cheddar. Eventually, one of the test recipes tasted so much like Cheddar that even John, a devoted cheese connoisseur, was impressed. Even more impressive, Super Light (the new name for Leskol Half Fat) has 90% less cholesterol than Cheddar and contains only 1.3% saturated fat. It’s also high in Omega 3 fatty acids, has vitamin E and contains the same amount of calcium as standard Cheddar, so it’s great for growing kids.

News Facts

  • Award winning Super Light is made using skimmed milk, vegetable oil and LoSalt. It looks, tastes, slices and cooks in the same way as any mature Cheddar.
  • Super Light is naturally rich in protein and calcium. It has added Omega 3 and Omega 6 but with only 1.3% saturated fat, approximately 90% less than regular mature Cheddar, it is the healthier choice.
  • Super Light Cheddar is produced by Wyke Farms Ltd, a family run company based in the heart of the Somerset cheddar making region.
  • Super Light was originally developed by the award winning cheese makers Wyke Farms to alleviate the high cholesterol of the chairman and family patriarch, John Clothier.

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Super Light

30 Apr 2008

Wyke Farms Introduces Half Fat, Full Flavor Leskol Cheddar to U.S. Market

UK’s largest independent Farmhouse cheese producer introduces Americans to one of Britain’s health secrets, Leskol Half Fat Cheddar

Somerset, England – April 30, 2008 – Wyke Farms, the UK’s largest independent cheese producer and milk processor, today announced the availability of their award-winning half fat cheddar, Leskol, in the United States. Unlike the other low fat cheese options on the market today, Leskol is finally what cheese connoisseurs have been waiting for – a full-bodied cheddar that boasts healthy qualities such as 90% less cholesterol, low sodium and very low saturated fat, but without sacrificing the sharp and tangy flavor we love most about mature British farmhouse cheddar.

Produced by Wyke Farms, a family-run company based in the heart of the Somerset, cheddar-making region in England, Leskol is a smooth and creamy cheddar that looks, tastes, slices and cooks the same as any mature cheddar, but features one main difference: it contains only 1.3% saturated fat, approximately 90% less than other mature cheddars on the market. Naturally rich in protein and calcium and has added Omega 3 and Omega 6, Leskol Half fat Cheddar is an ideal family food that finally delivers delicious flavor in addition to a healthier lifestyle.

The Clothier family has been producing farmhouse cheese and butter for more than 100 years, never straying from Grandma Ivy’s original family recipe. Leskol, the Gold winner at the recent International Cheese Awards, was developed five years ago by Wyke Farms after John Clothier, chairman and son of Ivy, was diagnosed with high cholesterol and ordered to change his diet. After spending two years refining the recipe, John’s two sons Richard and Tom Clothier, who now run the family cheese business, finally achieved the perfect combination of healthful and nutritious without sacrificing the smooth and creamy flavor of mature cheddar.

“It’s rare to find quality cheese that’s low in fat but still high in flavor, and that’s exactly what we’ve developed with Leskol,” said Richard Clothier, third-generation family member & Managing Director, Wyke Farms. “It was a labor of love made for the family, by the family, and we’re thrilled to be able to share it with U.S. consumers seeking a healthier lifestyle in time for this spring/summer’s picnics, barbeques and get-togethers.

Be sure to stop by and visit Wyke Farms and Leskol at this summer’s International Dairy Deli Bakery Association Show and Fancy Food Show events. In addition, visit for information on Healthy Living as well as recipe ideas for how to cook with Leskol and a free downloadable cookbook.


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