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Milton has been a leading name in sterilising baby feeding equipment in the home for over 65 years.  During that time the ‘Milton Method’ of cold water sterilisation has been used by millions of parents, and in homes and hospitals throughout the UK and beyond.

Milton’s innovative product range includes the Mini Portable Soother Steriliser, the Solo Travel Steriliser and the Combi Microwave and Cold Water Steriliser. These can be used with its iconic Sterilising Fluid or Sterilising Tablets. Its hygiene range includes Antibacterial Surface Wipes, Antibacterial Surface Spray and Antibacterial Hand Gel.

News Facts

  • The Milton Cold Water Method  sterilises items in just 15 minutes. It can be used for sterilising breast feeding equipment and all baby’s feeding utensils, including bottles, soothers, teething rings, small plastic toys and weaning items. When in contact with protein, Milton breaks down to water and minute traces of salt, ensuring it totally suitable for use in the baby environment.
  • The Milton formula kills all bacteria, viruses, fungi and spores (tough dormant bacteria), including E-coli, Listeria, Salmonella, Campylobacter and Rotavirus, Candida Albicans, MRSA and Clostridium difficile.
  • The Milton Method is effective on the virus that causes influenza, including Swine Flu.

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29 Mar 2021

Milton’s NEW Antibacterial Laundry Tablets Protect Families, Killing 99.9% of Bacteria and Viruses, including Coronavirus.

Bournemouth, UK – 29th March 2021 – Milton, the leading expert in sterilising and hygiene, expands its popular hygiene range today with the launch of its all NEW Antibacterial Laundry Tablets. For use in washing machines at 30 °C, it negates the need for long cycles at high temperatures, preventing damage to clothing and reducing environmental impact.

Perfect for disinfecting all laundry, whites and colours, from deodorising towels and bed sheets, to refreshing grass-stained sports kit, the tablets act quickly on stubborn stains found in babies’ and toddlers’ clothing, even at lower temperatures. Effective on durable items that are worn and washed regularly, such re-useable cloth nappies, bibs and baby grows, and also delicate materials.

The tablets leave items hygienically clean, removing bacteria, yeasts and viruses, including Coronavirus. A pack of 12 tablets costs £5.20 and one tablet per wash is added to the usual laundry liquid or powder and fabric conditioner.Milton Antibacterial Laundry Tablets can be used in a machine washing or in hand washing. The latter requires one tablet to be dissolved in 4L of warm water (at least 30 °C), leaving the items to soak for 30 mins to ensure they are cleaned properly.

Trusted by parents for over 70 years, Milton has a long and valued history of keeping families safe. Milton Antibacterial Laundry Tablets include mineral-based peracetic acid as an active ingredient, and 67% of the product’s ingredients are certified natural, reducing its impact on the environment. The formula is free of quaternary ammoniums (Benzalkonium Chloride, Didecyldimethylammonium). The packaging isn’t made of plastic : the box is a 100% recycled and recyclable cardboard.

The tablets join the long list of Milton Hygiene Products effective on Coronavirus, reassuring families everywhere. These include:

  • Milton Sterilising Fluid
  • Milton Sterilising Tablets
  • Milton Antibacterial Hand Gel
  • Milton Antibacterial Surface Wipes
  • Milton Antibacterial Surface Spray

Stockists: Boots.

For more information on the Milton product range, images and interview requests, contact:

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