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07 Jun 2012

Maximizing ROI from Social Networks

Social media and digital technology has changed the business world forever. Social networks have evolved rapidly over the past five years including the likes of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and now Pinterest.

Most companies are now aware of the importance of having a presence on social networks. Finding the most effective way of reaching this market and securing and measuring return on investment can be difficult.

We feel there are a few fundamental tactics to create an effective social networking campaign.

1)   Coordinate Multiple Social Media Platforms – a consistent brand and communications message is key to integrate all online activity within the social media realm with offline communications

2)   Set Targets – Is your aim to promote products or raise brand awareness? Are you using Twitter as a customer service tool for sending messages and collecting feedback? Each social networking account is different and can be used in different ways. Be sure to set realistic targets in terms of number of fans, followers, impressions, comments, etc.  There are a number of advanced tools to track click-throughs to sales orders and performance.

3)   Engage with your Audience – Social media is not a place for hard selling, instead listen, engage in the conversation and respond to each post. Use social-media monitoring tools such as Hootsuite to monitor what is being said about your company, as well as create, manage and publish content and measure efforts and responses.

4)   Provide Relevant and Regular Content – Unique, relevant and educational information is vital. Leverage the strong loyalty of your fans and followers by giving them access to merchandise or sales early, as well as offering exclusives or one-off products. This gives your page credibility and customers will come to you as the first source for the latest news.

In our opinion, companies need to take advantage of this immediate interface with current and potential consumers and it is definitely worth investing time, energy and budget. These simple tips above can help navigating social networks a bit less rocky.

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