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09 Nov 2010

Connected PR Co-Founder (and recent bride!) Jodie Welton talks Social Media and Weddings on recently asked bride Jodie Welton to share her thoughts and experiences on how to incorporate social media at a wedding. Having just recently gotten married, Jodie was happy to share her wisdom.

Jodie is quoted in social media rule number 4: Set up a Social Media Station, below:

“Jodie Welton, a founding partner of Connected PR who got married this summer, went down this route and had a huge projector showing images of the day for her evening reception, as well as a separate area for filming.

“We thought it was important that the guests are absorbed in the wedding and that social media enhanced the experience, rather than distract from it. So, to keep it ‘away from the party’ we had a designated area for guests to be filmed,” explains Welton.

“The DJ also took pictures and uploaded to Flickr there and then. As a nice touch, he then projected the Flickr stream across the walls so guests saw images of themselves. The DJ gave everyone the Flickr URL so all of the guests could view and add to it later.”

Jodie also shared her feelings on how it felt to have missing family members broadcast speeches live during the reception in number 5: Live Stream For Those Who Can’t Make it:

“Some of my family in Italy couldn’t make it to our wedding and we wanted them to get a sense of our big day. Being able to stream live video and pictures meant they could get a more authentic sense of the atmosphere. Amazingly, they even broadcast a live message (they are in their 80s!) after the speeches.”

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