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13 Jul 2009

Trevor Ginn interview with Bastien Duclaux, Twenga CEO

eBay/eCommerce blogger and industry expert Trevor Ginn recently interviewed Bastien Duclaux, the CEO of Twenga, to discuss the French-based global company, the evolution of shopping search engines, price comparison sites and the importance of performance-based marketing.

Interview with Bastien Duclaux, CEO, Twenga
by Trevor Ginn
Posted Sat, July 11, 2009

I am a big fan of Twenga. I think it is great from a retailers POV as it is free, and great for customers as it has a huge range of products. i managed to get a interview with the founder, Bastien Duclaux, where he gives some insights into Twenga and the furture of shopping comparison

Q. Could you give us some background on Twenga?

A. Twenga is a shopping search engine, price comparison site and shopping guide. The company was founded in 2006 by Bastien Duclaux and Cédric Anès, to fill an unsatisfied need for an open shopping search engine.

Before us, first-generation shopping search engines were “walled-garden” price comparison sites: Firstly, they were focused on price comparison, rather than on product search to match consumer needs. Secondly, they were only displaying the offers of those retailers with whom they have a commercial relationship (hence the term ‘walled garden’).

There was a need to break these limitations. We wanted to offer online shoppers the democracy of free and open choices, to give them access to all retailers, not just a few. This is why we developed a technology that gathers shopping data from the entire web and displays it in one searchable interface. One main element of our technology is a dedicated and proprietary “crawl engine” which automatically scans and analyzes the retail offerings of 200 million multilingual Web pages every day.

Check out the full interview here .

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