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Blistex was founded in 1947 as a small, family-run company in the business of developing and marketing lip care products, primarily in the United States. The brand existed to create quality products, achieve consistent growth and become an innovative leader in lip care. Many years later we are still passionate about lips and giving them the very best care. Our heritage in medicated lip care means we provide effective, high quality products every time.

News Facts

  • Blistex was founded in 1947 as a small, family-run company in the business of developing and marketing lip care products.
  • The pursuit of quality and customer service led Blixtex to create their own research and development facilities in 1967.
  • The famous Blistex “Little Blue Jar” evolved to become MedPlus.
  • The skin on our lips is much thinner than other parts of the body.

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10 Feb 2021

Covid-19 Pandemic has changed the way Brits date

Daters get creative in light of social distancing and restrictions

London – 10th February 2021: Blistex, global leaders in lip care and lip health, today share results of their nation-wide dating survey. The results of which show a dramatic shift in the behaviour of single people looking for a partner. The survey, completed by over 1,000 people show that the pandemic has changed dating behaviour in six main ways:

  • Digital Introductions: Last year only 27% of dates included in the survey were arranged the ‘traditional’ away, meaning via an introduction through friends or family. Instead, 73% of dates in the past year were organised digitally.
  • Screen time: A quarter of dates over the past year have been via a screen using zoom, teams, skype or similar. While this was a necessity due to lockdown rules, the survey results suggest this is a trend that is here to stay with the majority ‘comfortable’ with dating this way.
  • Saving time: The majority of daters reported spending less time preparing for an online date, compared with face-to-face meeting.
  • Using props and understanding tech ‘appearance hacks’ have become part of the dating skills needed: almost a quarter of daters admit to using a special lighting ring, the majority (65%) position the camera to achieve most flattering image and 1 in 5 using filters to touch up appearance.
  • Make-up skills: one-third of online daters report using ‘special’ make-up to enhance their on-screen appearance.
  • Unwanted attention has also changed form: almost one quarter of online daters report receiving unwanted explicit messages from dates online.

With no date for the easing of Lockdown, even more online dates are predicted. Lissette Davila Robles, International Brand Manager from Blistex comments: “It is clear that the pandemic has changed the dating game, what hasn’t changed is that potential partners want to look their best. Blistex has a range of lip care products designed to moisturise and soothe the driest of lips, making them camera ready.

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