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Mariani Foods is the leading producer of nutritious and tasty premium Australian beef and game jerky. Supplying superior beef jerky for over 30 years, Mariani uses only the finest quality Australian beef.

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22 Oct 2012

Mariani launches Bulgogi, Korean Style Beef Jerky

Mariani Increase Range with Launch of Additional Flavour Offering

London, UK – 22nd October 2012Mariani Foods, the leading producer of premium Australian beef jerky, announce the launch of ‘Bulgogi’, Korean style, soft beef jerky.

The company launched into the UK market in May 2012 with their ‘Original’ premium soft beef jerky. At the time of the launch Mariani offered the category something new with ‘soft’ jerky.  Mariani predicted that the UK would accept and embrace softer style jerky and are confident that the introduction of the spicier Bulgogi flavour will be just as popular. Bulgogi literally means ‘fire meat’ in Korean, but is similar in flavour to teriyaki.

Don Nisbet, Managing Director, Mariani Foods said: “The Bulgogi flavour sells well in the Asian and Australian markets and we think the UK is ready for something new. Sales of the ‘Original’ soft beef jerky have been encouraging and consumer feedback suggests they are open to more adventurous flavours

Mariani has been producing premium jerky for over 30 years and supplying into the Australian, Asian and Middle Eastern markets.

The company has plans to further extend their range into the UK next year. The introduction of soft beef jerky first was a strategic move to bring something new to the category and in doing so educating the UK consumers about the textures and flavour jerky can offer.

Mariani ‘soft’ beef jerky is made from selected free roaming grass fed cattle; the beef is hand cut to ensure the right thickness and to enhance the authentic meaty flavour.

The RRP for Mariani Soft Beef Jerky (Original and Bulgogi) is £1.99 and is available nationally in Tesco and Costco stores as well as selected independent wholesalers and petrol forecourt chains.

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